The Quarantini Mask
The Quarantini Mask
The Quarantini Mask

The Quarantini Mask

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The Quarantini Mask by NurseMade

This mask was initially designed for a nurse, by a nurse. Now, it’s designed for you, too!

Our mask has a universal fit that seals with the wearer’s face. Fabric ties and an aluminum nose bridge help to ensure a proper fit. With no elastic to stretch out, all of our masks are made with high-quality 100% cotton, plus a middle layer of non-woven polypropylene. This mask is completely reusable and washable. It also has a pocket if you chose to insert additional filter material of your choice.

Available as a ready-to-wear mask or a sew-it-yourself kit. 

This mask was designed to support healthcare providers in need. Any products we develop will always be offered at a reasonable price, and profits will be invested back into the NurseMade cause. 

For every 4 masks sold, 1 mask will be donated to a healthcare worker in need. In time, we hope to increase our donations until they reach 1:1. Thank you for your support of NurseMade!

This mask has not been tested or approved by the FDA or the CDC. Fabric face masks do not effectively filter small particles from the air and do not prevent leakage around the edge of the mask when the user inhales. However, our masks do serve as a barrier protection against droplets, including large respiratory particles. The masks are completely reusable and washable. We recommend washing them before using.

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